DOR: Is it Laissez Faire or is it Too Structured?

  Ellyn Satter’s latest newsletter asks the question, is the DOR a Laissez Faire approach to feeding your children?   Before I talk about my thoughts, let’s start off with answering… “What in the world is DOR?”     The Division of Responsibility for feeding children: The parent is responsible for what, when, where. The child…

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Intuitive Mama | Desserts with the meal

A little post on a BIG topic: Desserts with Meals

One of the hardest parts for those new to Ellyn Satter principles is the idea of putting dessert on the table with the rest of the food. The goal in doing this is to help your child learn to navigate dessert foods in terms of their own hunger/ fullness signals. Sometimes that means dessert foods…

Intuitive Mama | 3 More Bites

Three more bites

We were recently on a family vacation. Meal times were different than normal because many different feeding techniques were present in the same house for a week.  I entered the room at the same time that my mom was telling my daughter, “Take three more sips of your smoothie before you can have a granola…

Be considerate without catering | Ellyn Satter Principles

Feeding Toddlers: Don’t try to please every eater with every food at every meal. Settle for providing each eater with one or two foods they generally enjoy at each meal.

Toddler Preferences

Dealing with Toddler Food Preferences

The other day I posted a video of E (my 3yo) eating kale out of the garden on Facebook.  This video seemed to bring up a lot of good questions about feeding toddlers.  I had many good conversations over the next few days, so I thought I would continue the conversation here. I believe I’ve said this…

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An Open Letter to Dr. Oz | By Hilary Kinavey | Be Nourished

An Open Letter to Dr. Oz | By Hilary Kinavey | Be Nourished: “So, my belly and I are going to keep on living this one precious, uncontrollable existence I call my life. It’s a human story, replete with imperfection and some body fat. I don’t think I should be scared. I think I should count myself among the many who know that there is so much more to the story.”